Carolyn Misener

Carolyn Misener, the creative force behind Misener Knitz & Feltz

Knitting allows me to express myself artistically while creating functional and fun pieces. Whether it be scarves, purses, toys, or garments it all gives me great satisfaction, along with an active membership in the creative community.


I knit wherever I am, whether it is sitting by the wood stove in the winter, weather permitting outside in the gazebo overlooking the lake, in the car, in public, at the knitting store, or even on the beach in the Caribbean. All of these places fuel my imagination and give me inspiration for colours, textures, and design. I have an extensive stash of yarn which helps me to make instant decisions about textures, yarn combinations, and styles to knit. The nearest yarn shop is 40 kilometres away. I spend two afternoons a week at Knitting Three Together, helping other knitters to learn new things.


I have sold my work at juried shows, including Art in the Heart in Bracebridge, Ontario, the Muskoka Arts & Crafts Summer Show and Christmas Show. I have also sold both finished products and patterns at two stores, Sheepstrings and currently at Knitting Three Together in Huntsville. I knit to order private commissions and have sold many finished products to people through word of mouth.